Streamline your credentialing and licensing
Our Vision
Create smart healthcare platform to improve patient access
  • Making the U.S. healthcare system efficient
  • Improving accessibility for patient care
  • Reducing the administrative burden for healthcare facilities and providers
Our Mission
Deliver patient-centric comprehensive and timely care
  • Streamline credentialing & licensing processes
  • Manage provider network efficiently
  • Driving compliance across the healthcare system
Our Values
With a dynamic team, Credidocs works as a liaison with dedication between care providers and healthcare organizations to ensure an effective credentialing and licensing processes so that they can deliver optimal care. Credidocs is built on:
Do the right thing in the right way
Being responsible for every action we take
We bring consistent improvement and innovation
We are better together that sets us apart
Why CrediDocs?
Credidocs is committed to streamlining your credentialing and licensing processes as our team is well aware of their ins and outs. No matter for whichever state you need licensing, we can get the job done as quickly as possible, leading to
  • Overcome healthcare staffing challenges
  • Improve accessibility to quality providers
  • Automate administrative work
We've Got Your Back
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