The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) is an innovative solution designed to streamline the process of obtaining medical licenses for physicians across participating states. This compact, recognized by the Federation of State Medical Boards, aims to facilitate licensure portability, allowing physicians to practice in multiple states without the need for a separate license in each jurisdiction.Physicians seeking an Interstate Medical License Compact (IMLC) benefit from a more efficient and standardized application process. The compact allows for expedited licensure in participating states, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and enabling quicker access to healthcare services where they are needed.By embracing the principles of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, states acknowledge the importance of increasing access to healthcare services, especially in regions facing shortages of healthcare professionals. The compact promotes collaboration and uniformity in licensure standards, fostering a more flexible and responsive healthcare system across state borders.

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A Cross-State Licensing Service, particularly in the context of healthcare, refers to a service that assists professionals, such as physicians, in obtaining licenses to practice in multiple states. This service becomes particularly relevant in the framework of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC). The IMLC facilitates the expedited process of obtaining medical licenses for physicians across participating states, reducing administrative complexities and ensuring licensure portability.Physicians, including physician assistants, benefit from IMLC License Services that streamline the application process for practicing in multiple states. These services often leverage online platforms to provide efficient and convenient solutions for physicians seeking licensure across state borders. The IMLC Physician License Services play a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare providers can navigate the complexities of cross-state licensing with ease.In the realm of telehealth and telemedicine, the concept extends to Interstate Telehealth Licensing Monitoring. This involves monitoring and ensuring compliance with licensure requirements for healthcare professionals engaging in telehealth or telemedicine services across state lines. This monitoring contributes to the maintenance of high standards and regulatory compliance in the evolving landscape of remote healthcare services.

Eligibility Criteria

With IMLC in place, you can become a licensed physician in more than other states in days as compared to months.

  • Hold a full, unrestricted medical license in any of the Compact member states
  • Have graduated from an accredited medical school listed in the International Medical Education Directory
  • Have passed each component of USMLE, COMLEX-USA, or equivalent examinations within 3 attempts
  • Hold a current specialty certification by ABMS or AOABOS board
  • Have completed ACGME/AOA accredited graduate medical education
  • Never had a controlled substance license/permit suspended or revoked by a state or DEA
  • Never held a license subjected to discipline (excluding action related to non-payment of fees related to license)
  • Never been convicted, received adjudication, deferred adjudication, community supervision, or deferred disposition
  • Not be under any active investigation

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Not all states are part of the IMLC. Currently 28 states are part of the compact, you are eligible for IMLC in case you're holding a primary license in one of the participating states. Participating states are growing in number for IMLC.

Multi-state license verification services play a crucial role in ensuring the credibility and validity of healthcare professionals, including physicians and physician assistants, who hold licenses across multiple states. These services typically involve online platforms that facilitate the verification of licenses issued by various state medical boards.Physicians and physician assistants with multi-state licenses benefit from online platforms that streamline the verification process. These Multi-State Physician License Services provide efficient and centralized solutions for professionals navigating the complexities of licensure in different jurisdictions. These services contribute to maintaining the highest standards of patient care by ensuring that healthcare providers are appropriately licensed in all states where they practice.State Medical Board License Services encompass a broader scope, addressing the needs of healthcare professionals in managing their licenses within a specific state. These services may include license application support, renewal reminders, and assistance with navigating state-specific requirements. They serve as valuable resources for healthcare professionals to ensure compliance with state regulations and focus on delivering quality patient care.

State participation in the IMLC

compact state medical license
  • Compact Legislation Introduced
  • IMLC Member State serving as State of Principal License (SPL) processing applications and issuing licenses*
  • IMLC Member State implementation mixed - MD Board is serving as SPL processing applications and issuing licenses - DO Board is serving as non-SPL issuing licenses only*
  • IMLC Member State non-SPL issuing licenses*
  • IMLC Passed; Implementation In Process or Delayed*

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