Healthcare provider credentialing is a critical process that ensures healthcare professionals meet the necessary qualifications and standards to practice in a specific healthcare network or facility. Healthcare credentialing companies and services play a vital role in facilitating this complex process. These entities are responsible for verifying and assessing the credentials, qualifications, and professional background of healthcare providers.Healthcare credentialing solutions provided by specialized companies streamline the verification of education, training, licensure, certifications, and other relevant aspects of a healthcare provider's professional history. These services help healthcare organizations maintain high standards of care by ensuring that only qualified and competent professionals are part of their networks.By outsourcing healthcare provider credentialing to specialized companies, healthcare organizations can focus on delivering quality patient care while the credentialing process is efficiently managed by experts. This collaborative effort contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

Faster NCQA-compliant credentialing for quick onboarding

Key stats on the challenges faced by healthcare systems

Did you know?

A one-day delay on provider onboarding can cost about $10,122 to your care facility.
Care facilities spend $39bn annually on administrative works for regulatory compliance.
  • Medicare exposed $26Mn in erroneous payments tied to fake or expired physician credentials with 54% denial rate.
  • Rate of inaccuracies in credentialing applications
  • Incorrect credentialing information in providers’ roster
  • Average credentialing duration

Regardless of geographic location, onboarding new clinicians and completing their credentialing seems to be laborious, time-consuming, & frustrating!

Services we offer

  • Provider credentialing
  • Primary source verification
  • Network Management
  • Licensing

How do we help

With Credidocs in place, you can streamline the entire credentialing process of all physicians end-to end & keep track of their status in real-time.
  • Quick setup
  • Manage credentialing documents in one secure location for quick access & easy sharing with a single click
  • Meet credentialing requirements from NCQA and the Joint Commission, DNV, HFAP, CMS, AAAHC, and AAAASF
  • Quick primary source verification of credentials across multiple sources
  • Enhance workflow with automated follow-ups Integration of verification status wherever needed with our flexible APIs
  • Ongoing monitoring, approval, & export to the next stage
  • Automated alerts for expiring medical credentials to avoid penalties and ensure compliance
  • Expedite credentialing by enabling providers to upload & e-sign documents
  • Great customer support
  • Improve patient care by reducing the time from provider hire to patient visits
  • Safe
  • Compliant
  • Transparent
  • Interoperability
  • Reduced onboarding
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Reduced human errors