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Health Systems
  • Effective automation and alerts to keep your team informed while enhancing system revenue cycle performance
  • Remain audit ready and prevent denials and delays caused by credentialing, unmanaged expirables, and unflagged provider issues
  • RIncreases staff productivity, reduces compliance risks, drives operational efficiency while saving time and money
  • Highly secure, dependable, and adaptable to your system's operational workflows
Physician Practices
  • Credidocs gathers all relevant credentials for you automatically and displays them in a single view that you can instantly share with the care facilities of your choice.
  • Automation of provider source verification cuts processing time from months to minutes!
  • Monitor external changes to credentials automatically in real time, including additions, expirations, revocations, suspensions, and adverse events that could affect your status of practice.
  • Our consent model gives you control over who your data is shared with and our data encryption technology safeguards your data.
Locum Agencies
  • Partnering with Credidocs avoids the chance of missing something that could potentially cost your agency reputation
  • Credidocs will act as a key point of contact in case of any contract issues during the candidate's locum assignment
  • Knows how to go about monitoring the available credentials, obtaining the lost ones, and replacing them at the earliest while ensuring the candidates are of the highest quality
  • Check malpractice claims history, reduces the risk of errors and improves turnaround time taken for background check, licensure, and primary source verification
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