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Terms & Conditions

License and Services Agreement Credentialing Services Postscript of CrediDocs PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE TERMS LISTED BELOW

The following are the terms and conditions in accordance to which CrediDocs shall provide Credentialing Services (defined below) if purchased by Licensee through an Order Form:

License and Services Agreement Terms.

The terms and conditions of the CredDocs Agreement (including all Exhibits and Attachments thereto) as extended hereunder shall continue to govern the rights and obligations between the Licensee and CrediDocs. Any terms of the Agreement which are not in disagreement with provisions of this Addendum shall act as an addition to the terms of this Addendum for the requirement of the credentialing services being inspected herein.

Credentialing Services:

A.CrediDocs can help you with the following Credentialing Services (“Credentialing Services”):
i. Submission and verification of receipt of the credentialing application
ii. Following up on application; and
iii. Keep a record of the documents, receipt of requested information
iv. Perform follow-up activities, and ensure to keep a track of document acceptance or rejection information.

B. The Credentialing Services provided by CrediDocs also includes provision for submission of additional information requested during the credentialing and during the enrollment process. However, you can benefit from this plan only if you have opted for advanced credentialing services from us.

C. Lastly, CrediDocs is under no obligation to perform any supplementary services.

Licensee’s Responsibilities.

  1. We are excited that you are considering CrediDocs for a credentialing project. We will customize your CAQH workflow as much as possible to meet your needs and can assist with training your staff on the new software. As licensees, we would like to include you in all aspects of the process, including assisting with credentialing profiles and providing you access to download data..

  2. The licensee shall submit all required documents, regardless of the type and volume of documents required to complete the credentialing application(s).

  3. In order for CrediDocs to provide its services, Licensee agrees to provide any information or assistance required by CrediDocs on a timely basis. This includes, but is not limited to: requesting additional information, providing supporting documents and document signatures.
  4. Licensee agrees to provide all Credentialing Information without delay. Licensee understands and acknowledges that delays in providing the Credentialing Information may result in delay in the completion of or rejection of credentialing of the concerned Provider. This includes but is not limited to license application and renewal, renewal with maintenance requirements, application corrections, revocation requests and examination process (either under scope of operations or employee)

  5. Licensee warrants that all Credentialing details provided precisely describes the type of licensed healthcare professional he or she is and comprises all unfavorable actions from state licensing boards, health plans, healthcare facilities, government health programs and professional organizations related to his or her professional practice since graduating medical school along with any criminal convictions related to professional practice.

Payment Terms

  1. In the event that CrediDocs is unable to fulfill or obtain the required credentialing information within one calendar year of the request, we will charge a fee equal to 25% of the total requested application fee.

  2. Any application that is denied participation by a health plan, or service that is declined by the insurance company, shall result in a “No-cost” action. For example, If CrediDocs has to re-apply the network application to one of your health plans and that re-application results in a “No-cost” action including all fees paid by CrediDocs for expenses incurred during any subscription period or renewal period for that application, then no refund will be issued for those expenses.

Term & Termination.

a. Term.

This postscript shall be effective once your service plan starts with us and shall be terminated once the Credentialing Information of the Licensee is received in accordance with the plan selected.

b. Termination by CrediDocs.

CrediDocs holds the right to immediately terminate this Addendum if theLicensee’s refuses or fails to pay fees as mentioned in the selected plan. However termination of services for this non-payment or delayed payment will not excuse Licensee from the total amount due especially if the services have already been started or performed.

c. Effect of Termination.

If the services provided by CrediDocs expires or terminates then:
(i) CrediDocs shall be eligible to receive any fees that were due till the date of termination. If there is early termination you need to pay the total of all payment amounts that would have been due.
(ii) CrediDocs shall stop performing any Credentialing Services if the dues are not cleared.

No Guarantees / Warranty

A.CrediDocs does not guarantee, assume, or imply any legal/contractual/privilege with respect to any information relating to contact information and protocol licensure by Healthcare Facilities (including but not limited to provider associates), physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. CrediDocs provides the ability for you to create a licensed practice model with various healthcare facilities in your network; however you understand and agree that the information provided herein is not guaranteed by CrediDocs. Issuing facilities will be at their own discretion. CrediDocs does not offer guarantees on the amount of time a practitioner may receive to process provider applications or several days for verification of your application. Some licensees may be able to handle greater workloads than others due to factors out of their control.

B. The Licensee MUST acknowledge, understand and agree that CrediDocs is not responsible or will be held liable for any enrollment application being rejected or delayed by any state or federal government or local authority due to any actions or inaction of the Licensee.

C. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to monitor the completion of Credentialing Services. The Licensee understands that, at times, credentialing services may take longer than anticipated and that the completion of these services may occur prior to licensing.



CrediDocs and its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, subcontractors, members and affiliates shall be held harmless from any and all claims, demands or actions by CrediDocs or its directors, officers, employees or agents against the Licensee arising out of the negligence or other acts of the Licensee. In addition to indemnification against costs that may be incurred as a result of litigation pending as a direct result of this Addendum, Licensee agrees to reimburse CrediDocs for any legal expenses related to defending Plaintiffs assertions contained herein.

b. Authority:
CrediDocs shall have the authority to conduct the Credentialing Services required by the Licensee, as set forth herein. In fulfilling its duties and obligations hereunder, CrediDocs shall have all such authority, rights and powers as are necessary, advisable or consistent herewith; and the exercise of the authority conferred by this Addendum on CrediDocs shall serve to bind Licensee and shall constitute the act of Licensee