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Nevada Physician Continuing Medical Education (CME) Requirements for Licensure Registration

Credit amount: 40 CME hours per licensure cycle. Physicians licensed for less than the full cycle will follow prorated CME credit requirements. For DOs, Nevada requires 35 CME hours per licensure cycle.
CME/Year: 40
Hours/Year: 20
Licensure cycle: 2 years
Equivalent Certificates: AMA PRA app, GME
  • For MDs, all CME credit hours must be Category 1 with the following topical requirements:
    • 20 hours per licensure cycle within the scope of practice or specialty
    • 2 hours per licensure cycle pertaining to ethics, pain management or addiction care
    • 2 hours per licensure cycle of CME on the subject of controlled substances, prescribing opioids or addiction
    • 2 hours every 4 years of education about suicide detection, intervention and prevention
  • For DOs, 10 CME credit hours must be AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ or AOA Category 1A with the following topical requirements:
    • 2 hours of CME annually on the topic of substance abuse of controlled substances, the prescribing of opioids or addiction
    • 2 hours of CME in even-numbered years only pertaining to ethics, pain management or addiction care
    • 2 hours of evidence-based suicide prevention and awareness education is due within 2 years, then 2 hours every 4 years

Ethics (2 credits), 20 credits in the specialty; other 18 hrs can be any in Category 1; 4 credits in WMD/bioterrorism (new applicants only)

Learn about Nevada’s governing bodies for CME

The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners is Nevada’s governing body for MD CME and medical license requirements. Their mission is to:

“protect the health and safety of the citizens of the state of Nevada.”

Additional information can be found on their website which includes information pertaining to basic requirements, educational requirements, frequently asked questions, requests for license verification, and more.

All information from Federation of State Medical Boards is subjected to change. It should be verified independently.


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